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Our mission is to offer the roofing, cladding and light steel frame building industries in Southern Africa a comprehensive range of quality fasteners and consumables at competitive prices, backed by

excellent service and expert advice through a national network of Kare branches and distributors.


About Kare

Kare Industrial Suppliers has established a reputation as market leaders for high quality, innovative fastening solutions for industrial and commercial roofing in Southern Africa. Our 25 years of industry experience, guaranteed products, impeccable service, and most importantly commitment to safety and integrity ensures that we consistently meet the needs of a dynamic market.

Our commitment to the industry to improve and standardise the quality and installation methods of roofing and light steel frame products used in South Africa has remained steadfast as we established independent testing facilities and methods that ensure that fasteners sold into the SA market conform to the required standards; and we believe that education of the roofing cladding and steel framing industries about the crucial role fasteners play in this segment of construction is critical.



We were instrumental in drafting the current version of SANS 1273 (roofing fasteners) and are currently involved in the revision of this standard. As a result of the 2009 version the corrosion resistance of fasteners was highlighted and with the assistance of the major roll formers, the use of quality fasteners has improved significantly.

We are active members on the technical committees of SAMCRA (South African Metal Roofing & Cladding Association), SASSFA, (Southern Africa Light Steel Frame Building Association) as well as the Corrossion Institute of South Africa.

We are proudly affiliated with


SASFA - Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association

The advent of light steel frame building in South Africa is one of the most exciting developments in recent times in the steel and building industries. While this method of building has been used in the US , Europe and Australia for decades, it was only recently introduced to our shores. It offers quality, cost efficiency and speed of erection for low-rise residential and non-residential buildings.

Kare Industrial Suppliers is a proud member of SASFA.



Everyone acquainted with construction will agree that the extensive metal roofing industry is in urgent need of a make-over. The substitution of specified materials with inferior products has become rife with price prevailing over structural performance and durability. In an attempt to restore credibility in the industry concerned players have formed the Southern African Metal Cladding and Roofing Association (SAMCRA).

Kare Industrial Suppliers is a proud member of SAMCRA.


Corrosion Institute Southern Africa

The Corrosion Institute – Champions of Corrosion Control
Some of the greatest dreams of mankind are constructed from materials with a propensity to disintegrate. Ensuring that legacies are preserved, economic imperatives are achieved and that human lives are enriched and safeguarded, despite the fallibility of its physical building blocks, is the domain of a wide range of anti-corrosion experts.

Kare Industrial Suppliers is an active member of the Corrosion Institue of Southern Africa.